Our solution in detail

Discover ZenSensor, its function, components and pricing elements...

Manage meeting rooms and boxes

  • Optimize occupancy
  • Organize availabilty
  • meet user needs
  • Get users feedback

Improve openspace comfort

  • Define adapted comfort standard
  • Map and categorize workspaces
  • Promote Flex Office


Control equipments

  • Detect defaults
  • Optimize expenses
  • Connect to existing systems

Sensors and platform

  • 4 kinds of sensors : Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Brightness
  • Automatic platform update
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Autonomous solution

A web and mobile App

  • Get User feedback (survey)
  • See in few clicks, status and available workplace
  • Book rooms in one click for a few minutes, just enough time for you to get in !

Use and control

a reporting tool

  • global data visualization (occupancy, environment data, use rate, etc...)
  • Big data analysis to understand and anticipate
  • Open API to connect to Information systems

Autonomous and on-demand

  • possibility to add specific sensors (CO2, accelerometer, ...) 
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • No impact on Legacy systems
  • API for Google calendar and Exchange


  • ZenSensor boxes
  • A branded web app
  • Dedicated big data platform (option)



  •  "Solution as a service" (possibility to have on-premises solution)
  • A setup fee for installation and configuration
  • 15 € per month and per box ; this include maintenance and replacement
  • 500 € per month to access platform and web app (optional Google and Exchange link)
  • Unlimited updates

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